This Map will help you locate Palmetto Richland Hospital and the McCausland Center for Brain Imaging on the second floor.


1. PARKING: There are several parking areas at Palmetto-Richland Hospital. The parking area that you should try to use is in front of and to the east of front entrance of the Hospital. Although this area is a first come first serve area, we find that it is not to difficult to find a space. There other parking areas shown on the map. Please do not park in an area reserved for physician, nurses or staff. In the Pictorial Guide there will be areas that will be pointed out that will assist you in parking.

2. WALKING: After parking you will want to enter the Front entrance of the hospital. Go to the main elevators to the second floor to the reception area for the Radiology Department. You will be directed to the McCausland Center for Brain Imaging or will be met there by a research assistant. Make sure that you take the telephone number list below with you in case you need assistance. If you are not sure where to go after entering the hospital, ask at the information desk for the location of the Radiology Department reception area or call the McCausland Center for Brain Imaging control room.

3. IMPORTANT NUMBERS: It is important if you can not make your appointment to please call 777-3293 and leave a message letting us know. Thanks.

    434-8034: Control Room - McCausland Center for Brain Imaging

    777-3293: Phone for Hamilton College Room 207. You may leave a message on an answering machine.

    777-2079: Phone for John E. Richard's office

    777-4137: Department of Psychology

4. APPOINTMENT DATE: __________

    APPOINTMENT TIME: ___________


























    Parking Areas





                   Front entrance to

    Palmetto Richland Hospital

If there are any problems that occur while parking please contact Michael Stevens at (803)777-3293 or Email address:  .