This is a database of average MRIs and associated MRI volumes for developmental MRI work. It consists of average MRI templates, segmented partial volume estimate volumes for GM, WM, T2W-derived CSF (Description). The database is separated into head-based and brain-based averages. The data are separated by ages in months, years, 6-month, or 5-year intervals (Ages and Templates). The templates are grouped into first year (2 weeks through 12 months), early childhood (15 months through 4 years), childhood (4 years through 10 years), adolescence (10.5 years through 17.5 years) and adults (18 years through 89 years).

Tools for cortical source analysis of EEG and ERP are provided.  These tools are based on the average MRI templates, segmenting, and atlases.

Terms of use: The MRI templates from this database are freely available and distributed for scientific work. The CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license allows sharing but users should inform JER of any sharing.  These should not be modified or used in commercial applications. Publications from this work should cite the publications for the data upon which these templates are based (Citations). JER retains all copyrights to the templates.

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