Version 2.

We are working on a new version of the database.  The goals are to 1) increase the number of MRIs at each age the make up the averages, 2) modify some of the MRI volumes to work more seamlessly in SPM, FreeSurfer, FSL, and 3) increase the number of averages with 3T MRIs.

1) Increase the number of MRIs at each age.  We are accessing several new open-access MRI sites.  These include sites with young infants (e.g., IBIS), young children through adolescents (PING, CMIHBN, ABIDE, ABCD).  These MRIs will be used to form new MRI averages with a minumum of about 25 participants at each age.  Some of the infant ages will have more than 60 MRIs for each average.

2) Modify some of the MRI volumes.  Some of the original volumes disregarded the header information or voxel orientation.  This created extra steps in some programs (e.g., SPM).  The header and other information will be modified to conform to accepted MRI volume standards.

3) With the addition of additional MRIs, the database will have more coverage of 3T MRI averages.  We will have 3T-based averages for 3.0-Years and 4-0 through 20-24Years in 6 month increments.

Additionally, more tools will be added including scalp-to-cortex locations for use with NIRS recording, which should be very helpful for research with infant participants; eventually moving the database to an open access site such as NITRC; and possibly adding templates for children with neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., ASD or infant ASD siblings)

These changes will be reflected in the current site with updated pages when appropriate.  New averages will be added to the site when they are available.  Any current versions will remain on the site and version 1 and version 2 averages will be distinguished.

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