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The Infant Development Lab Needs You!!!!

Research at the USC Infant Development Laboratory is made possible by the families and infants that participate in our studies. We are grateful for your help.  If you and your child are interested in participating in our studies, you can give us a call at (803) 777-3293, send an email at, or sign up online by filling our web form, Contact-Us.

Participation typically involves scheduling a one-time appointment of about 30-45 minutes. We contact you when your child is at an appropriate age for one of our studies. The appointment includes time for us to describe the study and get your consent to participate, and the time for the actual study.  Parents stay with their infant throughout the entire visit to the lab, including during the study.  The actual experiment takes about 10-15 min.

Most of our studies involve presenting visual patterns on a computer monitor. We videotape your child so we can see where he or she is looking. We also record heart rate and / or EEG during the study as measures of attention.  More information about our studies is given on the Research Methods page.

We also are looking for infants to do a MRI recording.  The MRI recording is done to get exact measures of brain development, and to confirm where the brain areas are that control attention.  This requires a separate trip to the "McCausland Center for Brain Imaging".  You can participate in the heart rate or EEG recording studies without having the MRI. We also are doing MRI recordings of older children (preschool age).

*USC Infant Development Laboratory

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