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The Infant Development Laboratory is a research facility focused on the development of attention and memory in young infants.  We are part of the Department of Psychology, Institute for Mind and Brain, at the University of South Carolina.

At the Infant Development Laboratory, researchers study infants while they are presented with video pictures or movies.  They record heart rate and brain activity to see how the infant brain functions when the infant is attending to interesting visual presentations.  These data are used to study the development of attention in young infants.


The Infant Development Lab Needs You!!!!

Research at the USC Infant Development Laboratory is made possible by the families and infants that participate in our studies. We are grateful for your help. You can send fill out a form to be contacted when your infant is eligible for a study Contact-Us, send us an email to contact you: Email:, or learn more about our research methods or learn more about volunteering.

Research Methods


Heart Rate and Attention


EEG Recording


MRI Recording

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