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John Richards  I am interested in the development of infant attention. I study it by examining infants behavior in tasks known to elicit attention. This includes attention to visual patterns, effects of television media on attention, and the role of attention in infant recognition memory—especially to faces. I also am interested in how brain development and attention development have parallel courses in infants. So I use MRI recording to get measures of infant brain structure, and use that to look at brain neuroanatomy, realistic models of the brain for ERP analysis, and for brain development. I also use measures of heart rate as an index of attentiveness, and use EEG to record brain activity. I am the principal investigator on the research grants that fund the lab, and am responsible for the overall scientific operations of the USC Infant Lab. I hope to do this for several more years. I have a B.A from Biola College (1976), M.A. from the California State University at Fullerton (1978), and Ph.D. In developmental psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (1982).

Michael Stevens  I attended the University of South Carolina and Francis Marion University where I received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 1998. I joined the USC Infant Lab in 2000 as lab manager and research associate. I am the primary contact for all the parents contacting the lab. As a part of the research team, I oversee most administrative aspects of the lab and assist in supervising and training lab personnel. Other responsibilities include the recruitment and scheduling of participants, as well as assisting Dr. Richards and all postdoctoral/graduate student researchers with running their experiments. I’m responsible for administering the physiological recording of heart rate, eye movement, EEG and MRI in various experiments and assist in the editing of data.
Wanze Xie  I graduated from both East Tennessee State University and Shandong Normal University in 2010. I joined the JER Infant lab in Fall 2012 as Dr. John Richards’ graduate student. I have been selected as a presidential doctoral fellow of University of South Carolina from 2012 to 2016. Currently I am working on two projects. One project is focusing on constructing brain templates and atlas for Chinese children from 8 to 16 years. I am also interested in exploring the differences between Chinese and American children’s brain development. I have presented the preliminary results of this project at the SYNAPSE & SENC conference in March 2013. I am also working on a project about the effects of interstimulus intervals (ISIs) on infant attention and correlated ERPs. I love this project and I hope the findings will contribute to infant EEG/ERP studies in the future. I attended the SRCD conference in Seattle in April 2013, and I was inspired by BJ Casey’s work. I like Psychology, Math, baby, soccer, computer games and music.
Meagan Bang  I am currently attending the University of South Carolina to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Experimental Psychology. I am Pre-Med and hope to one day become a neurologist. My aspiration is to go to the Medical School at Duke University. My main research interests include Alzheimer’s, brain traumas, as well as changes in the brain due to aging. I joined Dr. Richard’s team at the beginning of this year in hopes to guide me in my journey to become a neurologist. I am a research assistant for Dr. Richard’s and I also help with the EEG’s.