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Richards, J.E., Guy, M., Zieber, N., Xie, W., & Roberts, J.E. (2016). Brain changes in response to faces in the first year. Poster presented at the International Conference on Infant Studies, New Orleans, LA, May, 2016.(pdf )

Young infants in the first year have dramatic changes in their processing of faces, going from simple perceptual sensitivity through recognition and preference for familiar faces. It is likely that these changes are caused by, or accompanied by, changes in the brain areas known in adults to be involved in face processing. We report data from infants from 3 through 12 months of age that shows the development of scalp-recorded event-related-potentials in response to faces and objects, in the brain areas supporting these ERP components, and in the effect of attention on the face processing / brain development. This work quantifies the specialization of brain areas for face processing in the infant.